Chain Rule – Complete video tutorial

Why do we use the chain rule?

It saves us a ton of time is the short answer to this question. Not using the chain rule requires many hours, days, or even months to solve some derivatives. A perfect example of this is given below.


Let’s say we want to find the derivative of the function given above. Not using the chain rule, would require expanding the parentheses. These parentheses have a power of 99 above them. This would literally take many days to do by hand. However, deriving this function can be done in less than a minute without expanding the parantheses.

When to use the chain rule?

Anytime there is a  parentheses followed by an exponent is the general rule of thumb. Take a look at the same example listed above. Notice how the function has parentheses followed by an exponent of 99. This is a clear indication to use the chain rule in order to differentiate this function.

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